a table and study carrel in one

Multifunctional furniture design for the academic library, classroom, and testing center that serves group work as well as individual learning.

Flip the Kerəl study carrel tabletop upwards to reveal a secondary work-surface with privacy panels - the ubiquitous library table easily converts to a semi-private study carrel. In a matter of seconds and on an as-needed basis, students and staff can choose the modality that best suits the task at hand. 

Libraries have experienced a profound change over the past two decades. As they adapt, some things don’t change: the need for quiet space to read and study, and a place for group learning. The patent pending Kerəl supports both of these functions. 

Check out this  4 minutes video for an in-depth look at the detailing and uses of the double and single Kerel 

Kerəl for collaboration

The kerel carrels can be ganged to form large library tables that support collaborative activities and group learning in the school, library, and classroom settings. Power and data options are available.

Kerəl for focus

The Kerel allows patrons to easily switch from individual to dyads and triads. The open kerel creates a dedicated space that supports focus and concentration as a semi private study carrel, while the closed kerel allows for social interactions.

Kerəl for testing

The Kerel carrel's two states support  testing activities as well as teaching. Transform a lecture hall or classroom by opening the study carrels when exams are being administered at testing facilities.

As the Covid-19 pandemic forces us to reevaluate our public spaces, choosing modular furniture is more important than ever.


The Kerəl open and closed states allow libraries and schools to visually communicate to their patrons where they should sit while maintaining social distancing.


Planning in times of uncertainty is difficult; we believe the Kerəl offers a unique opportunity to bridge the needs of today with those of a happier future.