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 The kerel is a library table that converts into a semi-private carrel in a single, easy movement. This innovative design is a must-have for the classroom, library, and testing center--a multifunctional product that will maximize your space and empower your patrons, students and staff.​

Change your modality in a matter of seconds.

Learning requires flexibility.

A quiet space to read and study, and a place for group learning.

The patent pending Kerel supports both of these functions. 

  • Dual function. Two products in one, a table and a semi private carrel


  • Easy one handed Pneumatic mechanism with soft close
    No power required (guaranteed for 30,000 motions)

  • Available in sitting and standing heights

  • Can be ganged to form larger tables 


  • Kinder-kerel version for children


  • ADA accessible


  • Power & Data options available 

  • Designed in Philadelphia. Made in the USA.

Kerel for 

The kerel carrels can be ganged to form large library tables that support collaborative activities and group learning in school, library, and classroom settings. Power and data options are available.


Kerel for 

The Kerel allows patrons to easily switch from individual to dyads and triads. The open kerel creates a dedicated space that supports focus and concentration as a semi private study carrel, while the closed kerel allows for social interactions.

Kerel for 

The Kerel carrel's two states support  testing activities as well as teaching. Transform your lecture hall or classroom by opening the study carrels when exams are being administered at testing facilities.

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Our products:


Single Kerel


Single Kerel


Double Kerel


Double Kerel

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